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Stakeholder Engagement

Sharing perspectives and collaborating for improvement and accountability.

The RBA regularly engages with civil society groups, trade unions and other worker groups, academia and research institutions, socially responsible investors, and governmental and multilateral institutions. We broadly refer to these groups as stakeholders, as together we all have a stake in bettering the lives of workers and their communities worldwide affected by the global supply chain.

Through relationships with these key stakeholders we discuss and debate standards and norms, best practices, ongoing challenges and emerging issues in supply chain sustainability. With some stakeholders the RBA works on specific projects; with other stakeholders we maintain an ongoing dialogue to inform a range of our activities. In several instances, the RBA acts as a conduit for companies to raise problematic issues with stakeholders in a candid and constructive way. Many of these key stakeholders also regularly attend RBA events and speak on panels to share their perspectives and educate and inspire RBA members.

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